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Kampler guides private family offices and commercial property owners and users through their analytics and decision-making, runs third-party processes for hiring brokers and outside counsel, and helps navigate complex family dynamics, in order to maximize value and monetize assets for ownership. Kampler is currently working with families throughout the Americas and Israel, for their US portfolio solutions. Kampler connects the right people to the right deals at the right time.
Case Study Family Office / Shopping Center Owner:
Kampler served as strategic advisor to a family that inherited a New Jersey strip shopping center anchored by a large national supermarket; the supermarket evolved through several iterations of bankruptcy and ownership, and with the changing grocery industry, the tenant elected not to renew its lease. She conducted a dual process, exploring both leasing and/or a sale to multifamily or other retail user. Ultimately the highest and best use for this neighborhood center was an international supermarket seeking to penetrate the US market, allowing the family to reinvest in 1031 products to secure their financial future. Granular knowledge of the general retail climate, the specific neighborhood involved, and the supermarket industry, allowed Kampler to build the perfect team and secure and achieve optimal results.
Case Study Institutional Tenant:
Kampler acted as strategic advisor to a premier global school that initally sought to double its flagship New York City footprint. Working with the CFO and CEO, she established best practices, ran RFP processes with brokers and law firms, and oversaw and managed the lease negotiation and implementation. Kampler continues to advise this school on a myriad of real estate operational issues.
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