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A unique combination of legal and analytical skills, deep market knowledge, vast network of curated relationships, keen ability to discern fine-tuned trends in the consumer goods industry and the real estate marketplace, and rich familiarity with the retail real estate landscape throughout the US: I am ideally suited to solve your retail real estate situation.


I become an extension of your company or family, to run processes, mitigate problems, and help you achieve your goals. I quickly assess and jump in to assist, for both specific issue solutions and long-term project assignments.

Helping retailers rightsize their portfolios to ensure long-term viability.
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Guiding family offices and commercial/corporate property owners
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Providing crucial understanding and expert witness for the legal and financial indutries.
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Nina Kampler began her career in 1983 as a real estate attorney at large New York City law firms. She then spent 16 years as in-house counsel at Ralph Lauren Corporation. Kampler initially served as Associate General Counsel, was promoted to General Retail and Real Estate Counsel, and in both capacities oversaw all legal matters for Ralph Lauren’s global retail and real estate concerns, allowing her to learn the retail real estate industry from its underbelly. As her career evolved, she assumed several roles on the retail real estate business side, augmenting legal expertise with business knowledge and acumen in lease restructuring and portfolio optimization and global retail transactional brokerage management.
In 2012, with almost 30 years of experience as a corporate attorney, restructuring advisor, and retail brokerage executive, Nina Kampler established Kampler Advisory Group, a retail real estate consulting practice.
Nina Kampler possesses a unique ability to discern and identify industry trends. She understands what is going on today, where retail real estate is currently headed and what the future heralds. Kampler is frequently interviewed by major financial papers as well as industry journals, and is often quoted on her perspective on the radically transforming retail real estate and consumer market landscapes. She is also a prolific panelist and guest speaker at legal and real estate industry conferences and educational events.
With 35 years of experience on both the legal and business sides of retail real estate, Nina Kampler knows the industry’s professionals and leaders, and has forged long-term relationships with the best and brightest. She knows who to trust. Kampler Advisory Group is an amalgam of unique partnerships to service each project in order to provide her clients with critical information and tactical advise. Nina Kampler strategically solves retail real estate problems for both owners, tenants and investors. She is an expert in real estate repositioning and disposition, and guides retailers in lease termination and restructuring programs. She also advises intergenerational families in maximizing the value of their commercial real estate assets.




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