Speaking Engagements

Panelist, “Tips from the Experts for Expanding Retail into the USA,” MAPIC, Cannes France, November 2014.


Telsey Advisory Group’s 5th Annual Fall Consumer Conference in New York, Sept. 2014.


“Prospecting & Leasing From a Retailer’s Perspective: Understanding your Customer Session Details.” ICSC Leasing for Non-Leasing Professionals. 10/22/13.


“NYC 2012 Retail Forum.” CBRE. 1/18/12.


“Exit Strategies: Keeping Your Options Open.” ICSC 2010 U.S. Shopping Center Law Conference. 11/10. 


“Leasing From a Retailer’s Perspective.” ICSC Leasing for Non-Leasing Professionals. 9/21/10.


“Hilco Sees Retailer Past Prime Squeezed Out.” Reuters Consumer and Retail Summit 2010. 6/22/10.


“Malls to lose clout in shakeout.” Reuters Video. 9/24/09.


“What Really Happens When a Tenant Walks from Its Lease: Exploring Practical and Legal Consequences.” ICSC 2009 U.S. Shopping Center Law Conference. 10/23/09.


“Examining and Repositioning Your Real Estate Portfolio in This Fast-Changing Retail Landscape.” Perkins Coie Conference. 2/24/09.


“Buying a Business: How Real Estate Can Really Mess Up the Deal.” Advanced Commercial Leasing Institute, Georgetown University Law Center. 3/07.


“Kick Out Clauses.” ICSC 2006 U.S. Shopping Center Law Conferences. 10/28/06.


“Know When to Hold Them, Know When to Fold Them: The Win-Win of Restructuring a Retailer’s Lease Portfolio.” ICSC 2005 U.S. Shopping Center Law Conference. 10/28/05.


“Ties that Bind: Opening Covenants, Co-Tenancy Requirements, Use Clauses and Exclusives.” Advanced Commercial Leasing Institute, Georgetown University Law Center. 3/31/05.

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